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Cisterns and tanks

Polyproject designs and manufactures unique cisterns and tanks for aggressive media for the chemical-, process- and surface treatment industry, treatment plants etcetera.

Our products are always designed for the specific medium that the product should contain. This guarantees a superior lifetime. Our products are always tailored for the external circumstances in which the product should be placed.

The company’s standard program includes open and closed tanks and process vessels – with accessories – in sizes from 200 up to 120 000 liters. They are manufactured in both glass fiber reinforced plastic and thermoplastics. They are also available with liner, an internal corrosion protection of thermoplastic and externally glass fiber reinforced plastic as load-bearing structure. We also offer a double walled fiberglass tank that is approved as surface impoundment vessel, which means that the need for a separate surface impoundment is eliminated.

Polyproject offers a large variety of standard products, but the company’s absolute strength is to give you a product that meets your unique requirements when it comes to, for example, fiberglass tanks and chemical tanks.


Technical information & sizes

Polyproject’s citerns and tanks are available in several sizes and configurations to meet each customer’s specific requirements and needs. Product sheets in pdf format below.