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Pump stations

Polyproject has for 32 years worked with Xylem, which has more than 50 years of experience in wastewater pumping. Our joint expertise is
based on research and development together, which gives us both confidence and responsibility for the future.Polyproject and Xylem have together delivered more than 4,000 pumping stations. For more information, see Xylem.

Heat exchanger

Polyproject have very good knowledge and long experience in the manufacture of large and complex products in thermoplastic. Our heat exchangers are a good example of that. We also manufacture products in PVC, HDPE, PVDF, FEP and ETCFE.

For many years Polyproject have supplied process tanks, lamella separators and sand filters for the treatment of condensate and washing water. To many of these facilities have Polyproject make rotary heat exchangers in Polypropylene.

Our heat exchangers are a good example of Polyproject knowledge of how to produce large and complex products in thermoplastic. Polyproject also manufacture products in PVC, PEH, PVDF, FEP and ETCFE.



Do you need products or solutions that are not on the market? Polyproject help you solve problems, implement solutions and provide delivery, installation and operation.

Polyproject designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of customized products and solutions where our expertise, together with the customer, providing opportunities to create and realize new and effective solutions. Our flexible manufacturing methods and procedures making it possible to manufacture products in both the long and short runs with high quality and at competitive prices.


Helmet visor

Polyproject is one of the few on the market that produces certified visors for hocke
y helmets. The latest addition is the cupped visor “Visor 1” which through a unique manufacturing process ensures optimum impact resistance even at low temperatures.

The visors go through rigorous tests to meet the requirements of optical quality, strength and protective properties. The tests include test firing of the visors with our puck cannon. After a successfully test will the visors be send to SP (Swedish Testing Institute) for final testing and certification.