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Polyproject was founded by Henric Lind in Stockholm. The company works with the manufacture of fans and laboratory benches. One year later moves Polyproject to Norrköping and starts delivering equipment for the surface treatment industry and mini treatment plants with lamella.


Polyproject move to Kolmården just outside Norrköping where the business is located today. The production of glass fibre reinforced plastic starts in connection with the relocation. 


The development of Lamella starts and the first delivery takes place in the early 80s. The product range is broadened with the manufacture of continuous sand and carbon filters. After the development of these products, it is an increase in deliveries to power plants which requested these products for a long time.


The business expands as the company goes from being a component supplier to being a systems supplier. Deliveries of the first water treatment plants for energy facilities takes place. The supply was broadened further with deliveries of complete surface treatment plants and air treatment plants to both the energy sector and the industrial sector.

The supply has continuously expanded, including several patended products and an own aftermarket department.


Production area expand to over 4000 m2 by the construction of two new manufacturing facilities.


Polyproject Environment AB has new owners since Förvaltnings AB Värdeinvest from Trosa, Forbus from Borgholm and part of the staff will take over the company. Daniel Bergsten is the new CEO.