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Glass fibre reinforced plastic or thermoplastic? Choosing the right material for the application can sometimes be difficult if you do not have the knowledge or experience. The choice of material is the single factor that affects the life time of the product mostly and should therefore be chosen with care.

Polyproject works with most of the common materials to deliver the best possible product for your particular application. The choice of material is always adjusted to the content inside the product as well as the surrounding environment in which the product will be used. We are experts at products for corrosive and extremely demanding environments. We are aware that the best material for the application sometimes requires a slightly higher initial cost. It is because of that we work a lot with products that are internally lined with different types of thermoplastics and externally coated with fiberglass, all to be able to offer you as cost-effective solutions as possible.


Commonly used plastic material

Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP)

  • Polyester
  • Vinyl ester (DION / Derakane)
  • Double-walled fiberglass products


  • PP
  • PE
  • PVC
  • PVDF

Thermoplastics liner with external reinforcement of glass fibre

  • PP / GAP
  • PVC / GAP
  • PE / GAP
  • PVDF / GAP


Polyproject also manufactures a variety of products and accessories in steel materials. We work with most of the existing steel materials, such as stainless steel, “black steel” and aluminium.

Contact us at Polyproject for consultation of what material that is best suited to your application.