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About Polyproject


Polyproject was founded in 1967 and have since the start worked to continuously improve the technology and products to meet the market demands. It has made us to one of Scandinavia’s leading environmental technology companies.


Clean air and clean water are Polyproject’s goals

As the environmental problems increase and the climate in the world is getting warmer, it is a growing demand for a reduction of environmental emissions. With stricter requirements for emissions from industries, combustion plants and traffic, the environment-related illness due to air pollution has in general declined. Many problems that could lead to health risks for humans remain. Having access to clean air, clean water and a non-toxic environment is a human right, which Polyproject works for.


From products to turnkey plants

We offer everything from simple products, produced according to your drawings, to turnkey plants where we take responsibility for the entire process. We manufacture the equipment and commission the plant. Our service team ensures operation through regular service visits.

The company is divided into four departments: Systems, Components, Production and Sales.



Systems division builds systems for industrial water treatment, potable water treatment, surface treatment, scrubbers and customized application-oriented components. Customers are mainly in the municipal sector and in industry.



The divisions for components and production produces customized components in GRP and thermoplastics. Most components are supplied as complete plants. Part of the production is also based on our customers’ own drawings and designs.



The division for aftermarket is responsible for customer service, spare parts sales and reconstructions. To meet our customers’ needs, we have, in addition to our regular employees, including network of service technicians and installers who can step in at the assembly sites.


Welcome to Polyproject!

Frank Betander Dysenius, CEO