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Quality policy


Business purpose and goal

With an effective organization will Polyproject work to improve our environment. Our expertise will provide customers with features that contribute to a positive development in the environment, technology and economy area.

Our goal is to provide the right functionality at the right time to the right price.


Customer-oriented, efficiently and with quality

With customers, Polyproject intends both recipients of Polyprojects products and the recipient’s customers. Polyproject also have other stakeholders. These are community, suppliers and employees.

Polyproject shall actively and together with both customers and other suppliers work for the facilities we provide to meet customer and government requirements.  These requirements can be functional and performance requirements as well as requirements for occupational health and safety for operating personnel.


Our common approach

Polyproject’s systems for management of the business means a common approach to ensure that we reach our goal.

The system of management should be integrated, unified and in the future, it will be certifiable. Improvements in quality management is an ongoing process in which all employees participate. The documentation included in the system will be customized to the business.