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Sand filter and carbon filter

Polyproject is the market leader in filters, components and systems for the purification of industrial waste water, for example lamella sedimentation and filtration. We can offer a complete concept for neutralization, treatment, flocculation, sedimentation and filtration of scrubbing, industrial and municipal waste water and drinking water.

ContSep and CarSep – Sand filter and carbon filter in world class

ContSep and CarSep belong to Polyprojects known continuous sand and carbon filter programs.  They have been on the market for a long time and meanwhile has the products been developed to keep absolutely world class. These continuous filters have many advantages and are different from conventional filters in many aspects. Most important is a simplification of the company’s systems and uninterrupted functioning where you will not have problems with backwash and all the equipment it requires. Polyproject has a patented sand wash to ContSep which reduces the need for operational monitoring, downtime and maintenance. The same also applies to the CarSep filters, where the activated carbon filters washed through a patented cleaning process that ensures a long filter life time and an excellent degree of purification of the process water. In addition, the filters are site- and energy saving and easy to use.

Advantage of our complete filtration step ContSep in the cleaning process

  • Safe operation that provides a minimum of maintenance and monitoring
  • Complete and easily installed device with control equipment for start/stop of the filter and a signal for high filter resistance
  • Unique patented design of sand wash and wash water control
  • Easy to adjust and measure the wash water flow
  • Wear parts are replaceable


Technical information

The ContSep program comprises eight different sizes of filter area from 0,28 to 4,70 m2. Size from 600 to 1400 are manufactured as standard in PP (Polypropylene) and size from 1600 to 2450 in GRP or, if it is required, in steel EN1.4301, EN1.4404 and SMO.

Technical data

The effective high of the filter bed can be selected as standard sizes:

Low=1m Medium=1,5 High=2m

For more detailed documentation and dimensioning regarding sand filters and charcoal filters, please contact your reseller or us. Polyproject are specialized at plastic for aggressive media and environments and works with both glass fibre reinforced plastic and thermosetting plastic. In addition, we have extensive expertise in gas treatment, dedusting and dosing equipment.