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Water treatment – System deliveries to power plants

Polyproject supplies plants for water treatment and has a long and solid experience of components and systems for scrubbing and condensate water. The company works closely with some of the largest gas cleaning companies in the industry, both in Sweden and abroad. Polyproject’s success depends a lot on our competent staff, who have a big process- and plants knowledge. It has given the company a number of successful projects with satisfied customers and a well-functioning wastewater treatment.

Unique expertise

In most high-efficiency gas cleaning and desulphurization plants, such as coal and waste incineration plants, the waste gases are sprayed with a neutralizing solution of lime and water. The treatment gives excellent cleaning results by up to 98-99 percent removal of sulphur dioxide and virtually 100 percent elimination of hydrochloric acid. It occurs by-products as gypsum and a heavily polluted aggressive wastewater which must be disposed of. Polyproject with our unique expertise, and experience to work towards the water treatment plant, made it to our specialty to clean this waste water.

Usually the process comprises a chemical precipitation which takes place in several different process steps depending on the water content, which is then followed by flocculation and sedimentation in a SedSep. After the water has passed the precipitation stage there remains an end filter phase to meet regulatory requirements consolidated. The fine filtration advantageously takes place through our unique continuous sand and carbon filters.

Polyproject can deliver everything from turnkey, complete solutions for pure component supply, all based on your specific conditions and requirements.

Polyproject has the complete solution for your requirement of water purification.